Tuesday, December 2, 2008


...is not off to a great start.
I was laid off yesterday after 5 plus years of devoted service to this company...no severance, no nothing, just, "we can't afford our salaried employees, so we've eliminated your position". I just got a promotion 2 months ago, so this was quite a shock! I know God has a plan and that I'll be ok, but....it sure is a lot to process! My housemate and former work partner was told the same thing...so at least we're in it together!
I appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

In other news, I am trying to do a photo of the day each day in December.
Here's Dec 1...
this is how we coped at my house, we ordered Chinese, drank wine, and played Wii. :)

You can see the whole month HERE.


Lisa Harper said...

Oh my gosh..I'm so sorry Lori! I'll keep my eyes/ears open for you. Well you'll have one free meal coming your way on the 28th! =)

judean said...

ugh, I can't believe there's not even severance pkg--what do they expect people to do? Well, it's nice that you and your housemate are in it together, and a little wine and Chinese always make me feel better too!

debra harvey said...

im sorry to hear you got laid off... I m sure something even better will come around very soo

take care in my prayers


Kristina said...

I'm so sorry....:(:(
I'll be thinking of you!!!