Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April?!! already?!!!

first of all: new art work is up!

So, I've decided, I FREAKIN LOVE wedding receptions! I think I have also realized why I do: you can dance your butt off and no one cares! It's not like you're at a club where you are being judged on how you dance, or trying to pick up can just let loose! (the free booze and free meal doesn't hurt either) AND just about everyone is all just witnessed a great event together and everyone is in a good mood. it!
The reason I say all of this is because my roomies and I attended a friend's wedding last Sunday. It was a small wedding, and boy did we have fun!

NOW, for a twist....the four...yeah, that's right FOUR single ladies lined up for the bouquet toss..all three of them have hands up...ready to catch...mine are down by my side...
but guess who caught that sucker one-handed! (dad would be so proud)
this would be much more exciting for me if I were actually dating someone...or had had a date in the past year.....oh well.....

no news yet on a job...still looking...keep praying...xo

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Sandy said...

hey you caught the's only a matter of time...(-; i love weddings too - they're so tacky - it's totally okay to be completely uncool at a wedding - gotta love that! (-: