Thursday, August 1, 2013

Gauche has new digs!!

If you got your newsletter this morning, then you already know... 
If you didn't get your newsletter, well, I'll try not to feel shunned and I'll wait
while you go sign up!! Just click that little link above and put your email in on the right hand side of the page! Next month's newsletter will have a brand new look...and I'm excited!

So, anyway, over at that new store, we now have codes for FREE SHIPPING!!!
PLUS, from now until August 4th, you can save 25% by using the code
(excluding subscriptions and clearance)


This is the kit the Alchemists receive at the beginning of our term. I got mine
over a year ago and STILL have stuff left!

1 comment:

sandi said...

Now I must say this IS very cool! Such an awesome giveaway!!!!! :)