Sunday, February 10, 2008


so, i started this blog to give myself a place to spill. and then i ignored it. procrastination seems to be my sworn enemy. i have good intentions, great plans, then don't do anything. ugh! anyway...i'm trying...
i have really been thinking of "being on a journey" a lot lately. one of my favorite quotes talks about happiness being a journey, not a destination. i feel like i have always been waiting for something before starting the next step....waiting for a degree, then a job, then a man, then a marriage, then a my life can actually start. help! this IS my, where i am, what i'm doing, who i am. i am striving to embrace that and be content that i can be and do what God has for me just as i am!!! i am just starting to be okay with the fact that my journey might be by myself...but i am never alone. i have a fantastic family, great friends, and a God of grace who surround me. and that is enough.

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Carol said...

Hi Lori, This is going to be a beautiful blog. Your illustrations are lovely. It does take up some time to keep blogging but it's a great outlet. Keep it up. Carol