Sunday, February 24, 2008

journal date

So, I have been taking part in an art journaling workshop online and am loving it. We get a new "assignment" each day for 21 days and are posting messages and uploading our pages as a community.
One of our assignments this weekend was to go on a journal wherever, but we needed to create a page to let the others feel like they were with us. I really enjoyed myself. I went to Books-A-Million, grabbed some books to peruse and sat in the cafe with a lemon poppyseed muffin and earl grey tea. It was wonderful!
I am learning to be ok by myself in a situation like this, I don't have to have someone to talk to or eat with, just enjoying my own company is nice. Now, bookstores have always been a place for me to do this, so I was kind of "safe" with my location, but I know I could do it for a meal in a restaurant or elsewhere. Now that I think about it, I go to the movies alone, sit in the park alone and read, so I am definitely more comfortable with my own company than I used to be. Yay me!


Carol said...

Hi Lori, I didn't realise you had a blog. I find it a really nice thing to do, as long as I can find the time, and I've met lots of great people through my blog. I never imagined I'd become a blogger but then nor did I think I'd become a journaler, and look where Jessica has got us both. Keep being true to yourself, enjoy your journal and your blog and yes, love the person you are. You sound pretty good to me. Carol xx

Tara said...

Love the blog! didn't know you had one till today. Love the name. that rocks. I love to nap, drink coffee and read too. NO way!