Saturday, July 12, 2008

I suck at blogging!!

Ok, so seriously...I feel like a blogging failure!! I'm gonna TRY to be better...but no promises...

Things I am loving right now:

-my niece, who is too stinkin' cute for her own good!!:)

-my sisters, who always make me laugh, and who I wish I could see more often!

-SIStv and the fab gals over there who always keep me laughing
-drinking Mike's hard lemonade and chatting with Chez

-that I've lost almost 40 lbs! It's hard to keep doing, but the results are encouraging!

-making art...

-that I feel more -me- than I have in a long time

Life's pretty good right now....and I am thankful.


Chez said...

ahhhhhhh girl! Congrats on loosing 40 lbs! I wish I had that will power. Which I need to get somem, cuz it's getting outta control!!!!!

Love ya girl, keep up bloggin so I can keep stalkin! LOLOL

The Dryden Family said...

Loli, well done! You're looking great! I love your art as well. Each page looks like you...full of life and color, as well as sincerity and love! I'm not that great at blogging either, but you can check us out fi you want! Love - Kris

Michelle said...

Congrats on loosing so much weight. You look great. Chez rocks!